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How to Redesign Your Office for the Post-Pandemic Era?

Redesign Your Office

Resuming offices after the pandemic hit has been a big challenge for both employees and employers both. For employees, their safety has been an important consideration. For employers, it’s the responsibility of ensuring a safe workplace for everyone. Even before COVID hit, companies were exploring creative workplace options for enhanced productivity, flexibility, and creativity at work. Post-COVID, it became a necessity. Options like activity-based work environments, desk hoteling, and office neighborhoods are new workplace working styles that are being talked about a lot. It turned out that applying these working styles at the workplace would bring far-reaching productivity, health, and safety benefits.

In this article, you will learn about how these ideas can be shaped into perspective. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Introducing Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are installed to create barriers where safety is needed. Post-COVID, organizations increasingly installed these to ensure they minimize the spread of the virus yet be able to work. Glass partitions create a barrier but also ensure visibility and transparency. Big halls are converted into smaller cubicles with the help of glass dividers, creating more room for virtual meetings. We at Setup NYC are the best in-town handyman services, providers. We make moving and shifting furniture and partitions easy and hassle-free for our customers. You may contact us anytime; we are available to serve you 24/7.

Sunlight plays a vital role in employees’ health and safety. Maximizing sunlight exposure by installing glass windows has been the new normal in office settings that not only helps in reducing electricity expenses but provides a cozy work environment for employees’ physical and mental well-being.

Setting Up New Layouts for Physical Distancing Post Pandemic

Post-COVID, employers have become conscious of workforce density and ensure their offices are more spatial. New methods of communication are employed as fewer people attend offices in routine. With the introduction of an activity-based working environment, employees can sit anywhere in the office setting and work. It is the responsibility of the organizations to ensure they get all the required facilities to do their job, for instance, a laptop and a strong internet connection. Therefore, anyone can work sitting on a lawn or a balcony in an open space, ensuring they are working and delivering simultaneously.

On the other hand, introducing desk hoteling as a way of work in the organizations allows employees to pre-book a particular area for their work. Just like one pre-books a hotel room. This helps in working flexibly and sitting in an environment that best serves your needs within an office. Want to desk hotel a conference room and place your favorite planters or wall hangings nearby? Feel free to contact us at Setup NYC. We’re always there to help you.


Prioritizing Health and Safety within office premises Post Pandemic

Companies have tried to reduce touchpoints as much as possible to ensure hygiene and safety. For example, touch readers, buttons in the elevators, key card readers, and PIN pads are used throughout the day, and it’s nearly impossible to clean them every time. Companies have leveraged technology in smartphones to eliminate this stress from employees’ lives. Now they don’t have to touch all these to operate but use apps on their smartphones and be on the go!

Placing sanitizers at all entry points, installation of walk-through sanitization gates, physical distancing while standing in queues, and installing floor stickers and ribbons for physical distancing have all been a part of the health and safety regime of employees.

Embracing the Comfort of Your Home After Resuming Office Post Pandemic

With so much time employees have spent working at home and enjoying the warmth and comfort of homes, it becomes a challenge for the organizations to attract employees back to the work environment. Knowing the remote working options and having become experts in remote working tools, employees now do not need to commute to the office for work when they can do everything from home. One way to attract them back to work is to design workstations comfortable with soft sofas and have more delicate materials in decor and furniture, creating a homely environment.

Additionally, having sophisticated amenities like a gym or yoga room for employees once they return will help in uplifting mental and physical well-being. Having natural elements like green indoor plants across the workplace also helps enliven the workplace and uplift the mood.

Are you searching for the best handymen service in NYC to create your very own office gym or yoga room? Do you want to install glass partitions or do an overall office rehaul to make it more compliant with post-pandemic requirements? Call Setup NYC at 212-739-7826 to avoid unnecessary expenses and get the best handymen service around.

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