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Interior Design Experience with Setup NYC

Are you looking for a professional interior designer to give your commercial space a complete redesign? SetUp NYC is your one stop destination for all your commercial property interior revamping. We take pride in introducing a team with years of experience, where our experts have conducted more than 10,000 successful projects across the New York Metro region. Our drive is to help guide your drawings from digital to physical, taking your vision and creating the perfect commercial or residential environments. Serving across the Northeast, the focus is seamless project execution while delivering a customer-1st experience. What makes our professionals stand out is our guarantee to bring the perfect interior design space, with our one team, one mind approach.

At SetUp NYC, we specialize in custom services tailored to you. Let us manage your commercial space with absolute ease using our solutions in storage, logistics, and project management. Make your project stand out with the touch of a button.

Taking Your Vision to Life!

At SetUp NYC we do our best to think about the budget so that our services are affordable to the vast majority of potential customers. If you need Interior Design Solutions, then call us at 212-739-7826 for a 15 minute intro with one of our accounts specialists.

Choose Us for Interior Design Solutions

Project Management SOS

Project manager curated solutions for even the most complex builds. Our team is there to provide not only our resources on the ground but also be another brain in the war room! We help brainstorm from initial ideas to tackling the field, getting it complete on-time and on budget.

Short or Long Term Project Storage

Our personalized storage solutions allow you to store your project inventory in a cost-effective manner. Customized reporting for full scale or phased timelines. Real time answers with white glove service, see how your procurement lists get filled and see what’s going on with photos and videos.

Full Insured for Success

Rest easy with our project solutions, knowing that we're fully insured to protect your valuable properties across the country. Our comprehensive insurance coverage guarantees that your interior design items are safeguarded from any unforeseen events during transit and installation. Whether it's a cross-country shipment or a local delivery, our commitment to your peace of mind remains unwavering.

White Glove Final Mile Delivery

Discover the ultimate convenience of getting all your inventory pulled, delivered and properly staged in one Final Mile Delivery Service. We understand the intricate demands of a successful project, which is why we've tailored a reliable service that ensures your design elements reach their destination flawlessly. From furniture to delicate decor, our team of experts is dedicated to the careful handling and prompt delivery of your inventory. Elevate your interior design projects with peace of mind, knowing that the final mile is in the hands of professionals who prioritize precision and reliability.

Experienced Field Technicians

Furniture installers, handyman, movers, millworkers, skilled professionals with a combined history of experiences to take any space from zero to hero! Furniture installation regardless of the complexity, load-in support defying time sensitive odds, and full spectrum punch work solutions to avoid hiring multiple vendors. With our boots on the ground, interior design execution is easy when all teams come together in one simple service

Project Reporting Maximized

We understand how important it is to focus on the bigger picture, so we provide the technology to see your project from a bird’s eye view. Our goal is to provide reporting on every milestone of your project. Warehouse receiving, product delivery, field service execution, broom swept reports so that nothing is overlooked. Our back-end team is here to vertically integrate into your process so we can have maximum output during your service with minimal to zero downtime.

Commercial Interior Design Services

At SetUp NYC, we make it our mission to provide you with a solution that will create a precise interior design outcome. If you’re looking to maximize your commercial or residential project, here’s how our experts can offer you all the assistance.

Setup NYC - Where We
Make It Happen

Are you in search of a professional company to help you with your interior design project? Let our experts take the lead in delivering you the perfect store design. We handle everything with utmost care when it comes to interior designing/redesigning. Whether you’re planning to relocate your store, or want to start with a fresh new one!

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