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The Right Space Planning to Optimize Safety in the Commercial Space During Covid 19


Not every employee working within your organization can have the liberty to perform tasks from the comforts of their home during the pandemic breakout. COVID-19 is a heavy threat yet many still need to visit on-site to perform their different work-related activities. For such individuals, the only way to secure themselves is to take the right precautionary measures by following the social distancing guidelines. 

If you want to stay safe during the pandemic outbreak at your organization, then you need to reconfigure your floor plans and optimize your commercial space so it can keep you and your employees safe. 

With effective workplace design, you can assist your workforce to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. 

How to Optimize Safety in Commercial Space with Right Space Planning?

Practice Social Distancing & Set the Necessary SOPs 

Just as much as using a Sneeze Guard within the premises is important, so is the fact that people should follow social distancing norms at all costs. Without maintaining a proper distance from one another, people can become the main source of spreading the virus among each other. It’s why maintaining a proper distance is very much significant. Practice social distancing and make sure to follow the necessary SOPs while working within an organization. By following such norms, people can have the most effective work environments and at the same time stay safe from the looming threat. 

Use Wayfinding’s to Maintain an Appropriate Distance Among People

Wayfinding can be a great way to ensure that people stay in lines and follow the SOPs set by the government accordingly. Wayfinding is a pathway that directs individuals within an organization to desired destinations without having any difficulty in coming in contact with the other person. They are like the guiding lines within the commercial space helping people to stay in their own lines rather than crossing over to someone else’s. Wayfinders can be designed keeping the social distancing in mind and ensuring maximum safety of people moving around within a commercial space. 

Does Your Business Have Checkout Counters? 

Do you own a restaurant business or are you running a pawn shop or a utility store, if yes then getting a sneeze guard around your checkout counters can become necessary. By using a sneeze guard at the checkout counters, you can take possible measures to ensure the maximum safety of your employees as well as the citizens. With bare minimum human contact, the spread of the coronavirus can easily be contained. It is a fact that sneeze guards aren’t going to completely eliminate the problem. But, it can still provide you with the best safety measures to avoid the coronavirus from spreading.

Install Cubicle Panel Extenders to Maintain Employee Distance

If you’re operating in an office building where employees work in a cubicle format structure, you can always use cubicle panel extenders made out of acrylic plexiglass material. They are a type of sneeze guards which can protect you as employees from each other. It helps in promoting an open culture environment and at the same time ensure that maximum precautionary measures are taken to control the spread of the COVID 19. Here, we have a cost-effective solution to keep the spread of COVID bare minimum. These are durable, high quality, and affordable materials to keep COVID 19 well contained. 

What are the Sneeze Guards? 

Sneeze guards are protective barriers that are commonly placed in hospitals, banks, and bakeries to protect medical attendants, cashiers and bakers respectively. Sneeze guards are acrylic glass screens that prevent external contamination from infecting the person serving you as a customer. In case you had the urge to sneeze, a sneeze guard becomes the protective barrier creating a safety net around the employee. However, with the rise in the pandemic and the number of global deaths surpassing millions, the need for sneeze guards have now become eminent. Practically, sneeze guards are now being used in almost every organization or commercial space to ensure maximum health safety for citizens. 

Today, sneeze guards are playing a vital role in keeping the coronavirus spread at bay. 

If you want to stay safe during the pandemic outbreak at your organization, then you need to reconfigure your floor plans and optimize your commercial space so it can keep you and your employees safe. How about you employ the right handyman services in NYC to help you create the perfect workplace design?

Are you searching for a company to help you install sneeze guards at your commercial space? Setup NYC has the best quality plexiglass sneeze guards to help counter the spread of coronavirus. 

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