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Tricks for Fast & Easy Renovation to Make Your Home Worth More

home renovation

Are you a homeowner trying to find ways to make your home worth more? 

If you’re not able to afford a complete renovation for your house as of yet, then worry not. There are plenty of other ways which you can leverage in order to make your home more brilliant without spending much of your investment. Here are some fast & easy renovation tips that will help you bring the best out of your homes. So without further ado, let’s read about them. 

1) Curb Appeal

Make your house stand out from other houses in your street or neighborhood by doing major renovations that will add value to your home such as having a new roof, adding solar panels, and repainting the exterior of your house. You can also add value to your home by adding new fixtures, new windows, and so on. Although it may seem expensive at first, the new value added to your home will eventually set a different tone of your house and add more curb appeal to your residence.

2) Paint the Exterior

Paint your house in neutral colors, this way it can be easily remodeled in any color without being too dark or too light. Although you may want to paint your house in a dark pigment, it can be very expensive and not practical at all because you’ll have to repaint the exterior again when redoing your kitchen.

3) Paint the Interior

If you plan to sell your home soon, make sure to make the interior fresh and new. Since one of the most significant things that buyers look at is the house’s interior, you need to make sure that there are no dark corners or shabby ones in your house.

Adding more light doesn’t necessarily mean having large windows; you can simply use bright home accessories like lamps, mirrors, and wall art to serve as additional sources of lighting in your house. With the right colors, dark areas in the house will only become less gloomy overall 

4) Put In New Flooring

New floor coverings can really make a difference in the look of your house. It will also signal to buyers that there have been renovations done to your home which they’ll find favorable because it shows that you’ve kept the home clean and well-maintained all these years.

5) Add More Fixtures

Replacing old windows with new ones, installing a new water heater, and replacing the old cabinets with new ones are just some of the renovations you can do to improve your home’s value. You can also go for shelves,  ceiling fans, and walk-in closets.


6) Improve Your Kitchen

The kitchen is usually one of the most important rooms in the house because it’s where everyone usually gathers for dinner or breakfast. If you want to make your home more appealing to buyers, you should definitely improve your kitchen. You can simply put up a new backsplash or change the cabinet doors.

7) Ventilate Your House

If you want to make the most of your home renovations, be sure to ventilate your house from time to time by opening the doors and windows. This will give the impression that your house is well ventilated and there’s plenty of air to breathe in. Buyers would think twice about buying a house if they find out that it has no proper ventilation or air circulation system, especially during summer or when someone who has respiratory problems lives in the home already.

There you go, seven fast and easy renovation tips on how you can add more value to your home without spending too much. At Setup NYC, we take care of all home renovations for your premises making it the best there ever is in all of NYC. Get in touch with us.

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