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IKEA Furniture – Tips and Tricks to Extend the Integrity of your Furniture Purchase


As you move ahead in life, your lifestyle also changes, and your tastes mature with age. Instead, you go for affordable IKEA style furniture and add the modules as per your need and choices that will make it easy for you to adapt your home fixtures to a new lifestyle.

Durable and multifunctional furniture can prove to be quite useful over the years. Especially if you have kids, it is wise to buy products that can be revamped as the needs and requirements change over time as they grow older.

The question is how to extend the integrity of your furniture purchase.

Well, here are some tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of your IKEA furniture.

Replace the legs

Want to give a fresh look to the study table or the center table in the lounge? Replace the legs. One of the easiest ways to freshen up any furniture with legs is to switch and upgrade them. Adding this small fixture can give any stool, table, or chair a brand-new look.

Elevate your hardware

One of the easiest things, often shown in DIY videos, is to change the furniture’s hardware. Instead of sticking to the knobs and handles that the table or dresser has come with, add in some unique pieces to elevate the whole look and add quality hardware to it. This one small addition will set it apart and leave people wondering where you got that beautiful, expensive piece of furniture.

Do not repeat rebuilds.

The best bet for you when it comes to extending any IKEA furniture’s longevity is to limit the rebuilds once you have set it up. When you keep on taking apart the furniture and reassemble it with every move, it affects the piece you are handling. The holes widen, and the structure starts wobbling. It is best to transport the whole piece like a shelf or a cupboard to the new place.

Upgrade your finish

What’s the best way to give a fresh, new look to any furniture that has dulled over time? Of course, color is the ultimate solution. You can give your current furniture a new look merely by upgrading the finish with a fresh coat of paint. Chalk-like furniture paint is more practical as it doesn’t provide a sticky finish to any furniture piece.

You can easily mask the imperfections and prevent new ones by trying contact paper on the surfaces when starting to show dings and nicks.

Add a coat of spray paint

One of the most cost-effective and most manageable solutions to extend the life of any piece of furniture is spraying a spray paint coat. You will be amazed to see how a cheap can of paint can breathe a new life into your old piece of furniture. If not the whole furniture, you can still spray the hardware you have used. There are endless choices from kitchen cupboards, picture frames, knobs, clocks, furniture feet to the wall and floor tiles, and bathrooms.


Refurbish the upholstery

You can paint surfaces like plastic, particleboard, or wood, but what about upholstery? There’s no need to get new ones when you can quickly freshen up the existing material if it has faded or shown signs of wear and tear. All you need is chalk paint mixed with almost half the quantity of water in a plastic container. Two coats of paint on your faded fabric are good enough. Once it dries up, you can cover it with some clear chalk paint wax and let it dry in between the coats. Buff it to a smooth sheen, and voila! You have fresh, new stain and water-resistant upholstery that you can be proud of.

If you are short of time or not very good at DIY, you can make use of reliable handyman services in NYC to spruce up and extend the life of your furniture. Contact Setup NYC to get the required help with the installation and protection of your IKEA furniture.

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