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How to Soundproof Your Home from External Sounds & Noises

soundproof window

Noise pollution is a major issue in many developed countries.

The World Health Organization classifies noise as “the most widespread environmental pollutant.” 

Some of the most common sources of noise are traffic, construction, and aircrafts. All these noises can be very harmful to our health and can also impact the quality of an individual’s life.

Are you someone who’s looking for a permanent solution to reduce the noise? There are many ways you can reduce noise pollution inside your house by implementing these soundproofing techniques. 

So without further ado, let’s begin. 

Install Caulking around Windows & Doors to Block Sounds

One of the ways how sound is able to enter & leave your home is through different cracks in the windows and doors. But here’s the best part, most of these sound leakage points can easily be sealed by applying a simple tube of caulking, which is incredibly easy to apply. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can always hire a professional like Setup NYC to do the handyman job for you. 

Caulking is normally applied around the frame and blocks out all the unwanted noise for good. 

Install Weatherstripping at Doors & Window

Weatherstripping can provide an excellent way to prevent noise leaks in places such as between sliding door panels, where dust & dirt tends to accumulate, causing friction when opening & closing them. This increased friction combined with weather stripping offers a nearly airtight seal that reduces noise leakage dramatically!

You can get different types of material for your weatherstripping needs. The most common is foam, rubber, and vinyl (which tends to be the cheapest). Weatherstripping also works very well in high traffic areas such as between door and floor or at window sills.

Use Acoustical Sealant to Insulate Air Ducts

This type of insulation is very useful, especially when we’re talking about soundproofing the air conditioner unit that’s located inside your home. It will do a great job blocking noises from outside and, therefore, maintain higher levels of privacy and comfort while you’re trying to relax at home after a long day at work!

As you may know, acoustical sealant only comes in cans but you can use it in a similar way as caulking. Just apply the sealant around all the seams coming from the air conditioner unit and you’ll notice a huge difference in sound insulation!

Use Acoustical Ceiling Tiles to Insulate Noisy Rooms

The installation of these tiles is just like regular tiles, but they come with a noise-reducing quality that will reduce both airborne and impact noise dramatically. They’re great for reducing loud music in your home or office, where people tend to dance or play instruments often.

Acoustic ceiling panels are very easy to install, which means that you won’t need many tools nor time to complete this task!

One interesting fact about acoustic tiles – they act like muffs when placed into ceilings as they help reduce noise from above or below.

Hire a Professional From Setup NYC to Help You Soundproof Your Home 

If you’re dealing with extreme levels of noise pollution it might be worth hiring a professional who can deliver excellent results for reasonable amounts of money. Our Handyman professionals at Setup NYC offer a wide range of services that includes the installation of acoustical ceiling tiles, applying the sealant on windows and doors, etc.

We have been hired by dozens of customers throughout New York City so far and all our projects have been completed successfully! We only hire the most qualified workers who will do an amazing job reducing any type of noise within your home!

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