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Different Types Of Shelves That Can Transform Your Home From OK To Fantastic!

Types Of Shelves

Shelves make the bulk of your home aesthetics. It beautifies your space and adds a more luxurious appeal to it. The right shelve design will organize the existing clutter in your home space and bring out the best beauty in your premises. Now, who wouldn’t prefer to have that? However, when you go out searching for the right shelves, the choices can be overwhelming. If you don’t want to end up getting confused on which type of shelf can be the best bet for your home setup, here are five fantastic shelves which you would want to consider before making a purchasing decision. 

So without further ado, let’s check out these amazing shelves and see how they can transform your homes. 

1) Bracket Shelves 

They are composed of individual brackets. They can either be used as a standalone shelf or you can use them in a multi-unit system. Fixed bracket shelves are available in metal or wood designs. Otherwise, they are available in the combination of both. These shelf types are supported by metal or plastic shelf pins which may vary in thickness and sizes. As far as wood brackets are concerned, they are also available in variable sizes & different decorative styles. These shelves are usually found in residential locations. They are easily detachable and you can fix them anywhere you desire. 

2) Built-In Shelves 

These shelves have the simplest combination. The design consists of a single wood plank fitted with nooks & alcoves. They can easily be installed in any location which has an indent. These shelf types can easily be found in home spaces which have tight spots. Such shelves can easily be fixed within any opening present within a wall. You can install them anywhere within your home settings. Wherever you choose to install these shelf types, they will definitely bring the beauty out and about in your homes. They can be quickly assembled, fitted and can use minimum space as per requirement. 

3) Floating Shelves 

Not only are the following shelf types amazing in functionality but they also offer an awesome look & feel. Unlike fixed brackets where nails & pins are visible, floating shelves don’t have such visible nails & pins. Instead, they appear to float over walls appearing unattached to screws. If you have decorative pieces and things that you want to put up on showcase, floating shelves can offer a stylish look & appeal. These shelf types are made up of engineered wood having internal bracket support. They are also called torsion box shelves. They form a shallow closed box providing maximum load-bearing strength and support. 

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4) Corner Shelves 

Corner shelves are L shaped and usually installed in the corner of a room design. They are custom-designed to fit into tighter spots and locations easily. They have plenty of options when it comes to selecting the right type. They are available in open or closed units depending on the requirement. These shelf types can either be floor-based or wall-hanged. The choice is open to customers. They can install them in any way they prefer to install them within their home settings. They are cleverly designed, and you don’t have to worry about space since they can only be fitted in corners, so they don’t take up much space. 

5) Top-Hung Shelves 

Unlike corner shelves, top-hung shelves can easily take up space. They are more widely used in classrooms & storerooms. They are commonly used to display items such as books, pens, stationery & magazines. As far as the assembly goes, these shelves are held up in a metal section usually mounted on the walls from which the shelves and droppers are easily hung. These shelf types are not the best option for walls that are made up of light material. If you have drywall at your home, we don’t recommend this shelf type at any cost. They also serve incredibly well in modern home kitchens. 

So these are the top five shelves which can transform your home from OK to FANTASTIC. Do you like something? Feel free to contact Setup NYC so we can install one of the shelves easily.

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