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TV Wall Mount – The Best Wall Mounts and How to Conceal Wires

Tv Wall Mount

Around 12 million households are owning a TV, and an average person spends at least 5 hours a day watching television. Without a doubt, flat TV is one of the most favorite sources of entertainment. From watching news channels to streaming your favorite movies to enjoying seamless gaming sessions, the modern TVs now offer a lot more than they used to. 

Speaking of which, don’t you wish to have a flat-screen TV sitting on a table or a stand right in front of you? Do you want to enjoy streaming movies on your TV with your friends and family on the couch? If yes, instead of opting for some TV stand or table, you should go for wall mounting. Wall mounting is a safer, more secure, and better option for you to consider when it comes to a flat-screen TV. Investing in a wall mount is like upgrading your home entertainment system, and it holds high significance. 

Are you wondering which is the best TV mount to purchase? Do you want to know what the best wire concealment way is? If you do, then here’s an article that covers everything about TV mounts. 

1-MD2380 TV Wall Mount by Mounting Dream

This wall mount is for televisions that weigh up to 99 pounds and fall somewhere between 32″ to 55″. It comes with super solid steel construction and a powder-coated finish that makes it extra durable. Moreover, it has a flexible arm that extends up to 15.2 “from the wall, and it can retract down to 3” for you to enjoy your movies and gaming sessions easily. 

2-Cheetah Mounts TV Wall Mount 

This amount is for televisions that weigh around 115 pounds and are of 20″ to 65″. This mount’s articulating arm extends up to 14,” and it can retract down to 2.7″. On top of it, with the 130 degrees swivel and 10 degrees tilt, you’ll be able to adjust the TV at your eye-level. There are three degrees of rotation available to level the screen, and for this, you can find the slots in the plate. 

3-Everstone TV Wall Mount 

Are you looking forward to buying one of the most reliable and sturdy wall mounts for your TV? If yes, then the Everstone wall mount is what you need to try. It’s for televisions that weigh up to 88 pounds, and as far as the size is concerned, any TV between 23″ to 65″ will fit the mount easily. For added strength and durability, it’s constructed with high-quality cold-rolled steel. 

Best Ways To Conceal TV Mount Wires 

Once you have selected the TV mount, one of the things you need to pay attention to is the wires. A jungle of cords hanging from the TV will give away a very unattractive look. 

This is a common problem people often face when they mount their TVs on the wall, but luckily, there are many solutions for you to sort this problem out. 

Hide Wires in Plain Sight

If you are getting distracted from the cords hanging from your wall-mounted TV, then the best solution is to conceal them with cord covers. Cord covers are easily available, and you can set up these plastic tracks directly on the wall to cover the wires. 

Hide Wires Behind the Wall

The second-best solution is to run the wires behind the wall with the help of cable plates. For this, you first have to find two stud free points on your wall. One should be behind the screen, and the other one should be somewhere near the outlet. You then have to make cuts here using a utility knife, insert the cable plates and then insert cords in and out of the wall. 

If the mount doesn’t sit well, your TV can crash on the floor, and it can injure you. This is where you need someone like Setup NYC, a company with years of experience in TV wall mounting and other handyman services. 

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